Security Guards in Davie, Pompano Beach and Sunrise, FL

Know the real benefits of hiring armed security guards

With regards to your property protection, no matter a business or home, to hire the services of trained security guards will be a wise decision. We at Millenium Project take our customer’s security seriously and also undertake each measure for ensuring that all armed guards are qualified, trustworthy and trained. The training, supervision and screening standards are indeed the strictest. Having clients varying from industrial factories to corner stores, our customers can largely benefit with us as we are a security company which will exceed their expectations with regards to efficiency, professionalism and quality. The best part is every security guard in our company has an individual security license, which is specific to his role. Boca Raton, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, FL, Miami Beach and Miami Dade are the different areas that we serve.

How you can benefit from our guards?

  • The presence of our guards can offer home or office owners a strong message that their property is not only highly protected but also ready in being defended if necessary
  • Not all our guards will be visible when working. There are some who will ensure your safety, but from behind the scene viewing security footage constantly through monitors and cameras
  • Our licensed and professional guards have been trained specially for handling emergency circumstances and thus know the right ways of reacting to the various dangerous situations like threat from an intoxicated person or armed robbery. Besides, they have been trained for different certifications like performing CPR, offering first-aid care, handling pepper spray and batons and legally carrying firearms

So if you desire to keep your property extra safe hire our guards right away and enjoy untold benefits. This way you can remain safe and also enjoy peace of mind. Just join hands with them and experience the difference.


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