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How can you benefit from hiring the services of armed guards?

Are you in a fix as to whether you should hire an armed or an unarmed security guard? Relax, help is at hand. We at Millenium Protection along with offering you professional and trained, armed guards will also guide you as to how you can benefit by hiring their services. The areas that we serve include the different parts of Boca Raton, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood FL, Miami Beach and Miami Dade, FL

Top three advantages of hiring an armed security guard from Millenium Protection

  • Every armed guard in our company has undergone a good training in weaponry. We always ensure that our guards thoroughly understand both the technical facets of using a weapon as well as when to use the same. If this is not paid attention to both our company and the respective armed security officer will be held accountable for inappropriate force use. Besides, every armed guard in our company undergoes the same training like that of an unarmed security guard and also clear our internal standards along with the state standards
  • Each armed security guard is put through an extensive background check. Generally, this includes the FBI background check. This indicates that their fingerprints will be checked while they will be capable of receiving a gun permit legally. You can be rest assured our guards have no signs of mental instability or a criminal record
  • They will act as a highly effective deterrent against crime. For people who are planning to commit a crime will be less likely in doing so when they see a professional armed security guard in their presence. This is so because armed security officers indicate more risk to commit crimes in contrary to unarmed guards.

Although an unarmed security guard can serve the purpose yet those who are armed undoubtedly can bring plentiful benefits which unarmed guards cannot. In fact, they are a far better choice when it comes to security. To know more contact us today.





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